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Trilogy by Elizabeth Moon about a sheepfarmers daughter, Paksenarrion, who runs away from home and joins a mercenary company. As a soldier she becomes an experienced adventurer and has a lot of mysteriously lucky escapes. Some deity seems to be protecting her, though Paks can't figure out who or why, since she has no personal deity.

The single best trilogy I have ever read, and the only story I've read that has made me cry. The end of the second book and the beginning of the third is extremely moving.

This trilogy beats The Lord of the Rings hands down, on all counts, IMNSHO. Do yourself a favor and read this masterwork!

An excellent trilogy by Elizabeth Moon, it made me seriously consider the nature of being good. While Orson Scott Card's books tend to beat on this concept unmercifully, it is in an intellectual manner. Paks (the heroine of this trilogy) is altogether un-intellectual. She is not stupid, by any means, but being good is not something she thinks about - she just is.

The first novel, Sheepfarmer's Daughter, may seem like it gets off to a slow start. At times, it seems picaresque - things happen "just because". In fact, ultimately, you realize something more is going on.

The second novel, Divided Allegiance, is predictably downbeat. Like The Two Towers and "The Empire Strikes Back", this is Paks at her worst.

Of course, this makes the final novel, Oath of Gold, that much more moving and emotional.

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