The Director Files

Episode 18 of John Woo's OAT: March 14, 1998; John Paizs (director); Phil Bedard & Larry Lalonde (writers)

AKA: The X-Files

The Director is out with a fellow Director (Johnson) when she suddenly has a strange experience (an "alien" encounter), and through hypnosis, is forced into believing that she must kill the MAIN Director.
All the players are involved in trying to stop her, while Nathan is more than happy to give his time and his help to some Mulder and Scully wannabes who show up in town looking for information on a recent UFO sighting.

Recurring Cast: Vicky Pratt (Jackie Janczyk), Julian Richings (Camier), Greg Kramer (Murphy), James Allodi (Nathan Muckle)
Guest Cast: Geordie Johnson (Desmond Happy), Alan Peterson (), Bernard Behrens (), Graham Abbey (Mulder wannabe), Alexa Gilmour (Scully wannabe), Gerry Quigley (Dr. Fry), Lori Alter (), Costa Kamateros (), Angelique (Miss Finchley)

For the main cast of the show and more general information, check out the Once a Thief node!

NOTE: This episode is a spoof on the Canadian/American nighttime soap "The X Files", on which Nicholas Lea (Vic) plays bad guy Alex Krycek.

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