Here's the best way to get across the general vibe of the group :

They are the best punk band ever that regularly wears cute matching T-shirts.

There's not too many other ways of describing them... I think that they're like a cold front; instead of where hot and cold air meet, it's punk and glam meeting up and creating incredible thunderstorms below.

Full length albums

The Donnas - 1998

American Teenage Rock & Roll Machine - 1998

Get Skintight - 1999

Turn 21 - 2001

Spend The Night - 2002


Donna A (Brett Anderson): vocals

Donna R (Allison Robertson): guitar

Donna F (Maya Ford): bass

Donna C (Torry Castellano): drums

An all-girl rock band out of Palo Alto, California. They've released five albums so far, and countless vinyls and singles. Music-wise, the Donnas have been compared to a lot of different bands, including the Ramones, which I guess is sort of accurate, but they cite a lot of different influences like L7 and Shonen Knife. Not anything to take very seriously, just three-minute kick-ass rock songs, with most of the usual cock rock messages reversed, to the dismay of some of the men. Their new album, Spend The Night, isn't much of change from their earlier work, but Brett's vocals sound cleaner and more mature, and the band in general just sounds more grown-up.

Also, they seem to be working incredibly hard at the moment. Said to be working on the new album while going around the country with Lollapalooza. Either the girls are really committed to their music, or their record label is riding the hell out of them. Whatever the case, they still make good music.

And hey, they are pretty cute.

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