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The Edwin Smith Papyrus
Case Thirty-Five

TITLE: Instructions concerning a break in his collar-bone.

EXAMINATION: If thou examinest a man having a break in his collar-bone (and) thou shouldst find his collar-bone short and separated from its fellow.

DIAGNOSIS: Thou shouldst say concerning him: "One having a break in his collar-bone. An ailment which I will treat."

TREATMENT: Thou shouldst place him prostrate on back, with something folded between his two shoulder-blades; thou shouldst spread out with his two shoulders in order to stretch apart his collar-bone until that break falls into its place. Thou shouldst make for him two splints of linen, (and) thou shouldst apply one of them both on the inside of his upper arm. Thou shouldst bind it with ymrw(?), (and) treat it afterward with honey every day, until he recovers.

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