Compiled by David Grambs, published in 1994. Subtitled Bodacious Words Your Dictionary Forgot. 264 pages.

Set up like a standard dictionary, the book also includes a backward lookup - under "night" you will find noctilucous, noctuolucent, nychthemeron, noctivigant.

Generally, these are not terms which have been rendered less necessary by changing technology or culture, but forgotten words which would fit nicely into modern conversation (you're going to love volupty and pornerastic). Here you will find lost synonyms and, more interesting, words whose meanings have no single-word equivalents in our current language. Let's bring back oikiomiasmata and merdurinous, shall we?

I will be adding words found in this book, making sure to rephrase all definitions, expanding them as best I can, through my own knowledge and additional web research. I'd like to share these words, but I've no desire nor intent to violate copyright law.

Perhaps you will never use these words, probably there is not much call for them. But I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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