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The English Reformation, in case you don’t already know, was the time in which the Church switched from Papal Catholicism to Protestantism. This is normally said to have begun with Henry VIII wanting to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Whilst this is true, there were many more factors that attributed to it. The following essays are based on the views of the historian, Elton, but have also some of the historian Dickens’ views in their as well. They also , of course include my own opinions, and the facts that back them up. If I am incorrect in any of this, please let me know so I can change it. Thankyou.

The English Reformation In the Reign of Henry VIII

Threats to stability in the reign of Henry VIII
Lack of opposition to Reformation in the Reign of Henry VIII
The Role of Thomas Cromwell in the English Reformation
Impact of the English Reformation

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