This node will soon be reformatted in a geographical order.
"Soon" as in "before September 2, 2002". Apologies, I've been quite busy with the moving and all.

Using the FinnDetector™ installed in my brain, I have so far located 86 noders from the land of a thousand lakes. More of us keep coming in, and ones retired before the beginning of E2 may remain unfound on the vast plains of nodegel. So please /msg me for for anyone I might have missed.
On this list, "inactive" means the user hasn't logged in during the last two months. I'm not checking on everybody constantly, so there might be small lapses here and there.
But enough of my babbling, time for...

The Almost Complete List of Finnish Noders
Last updated: August 26, 2002

Active (48)

Inactive or Retired (38)

Without Writeups (not counted)

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