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Someone pointed this out in the chatterbox, and it seems to be linked to many nodes, which means sooner or later people will end up here. You're all probably here wondering how for the love of, ummm.... Satan, people will be able to use the internet from Hell, so sit down comfortably and I'll explain.

It's quite obvious really, Hell will have a fully functioning net connection and it will be really, really fast and capable of handling a ridiculously high server load. After all, this is the hell that all those religions that say "Looking at porn sends you to hell!" tell us about, so it stands to reason that Satan will be hosting a pile of filth down there to coax people in....

Hell will, of course, let its residents out on the net. They will be able to click to their hearts content on hyperlinks proclaiming Hot teen cheerleaders want you to watch them do their girlfriends!. All well and good, but the computers provided for the souls of the damned to use will only ever give them lovely christian pages to look at. Eternal torment was never so excruciating.

But will people be able to add a writeup here when they go to hell? Of course! You see, this page will function perfectly well. Perfectly well for a page under the influence of a browser that Jesusifies all the text based pages it touches.... I suggest coming here through the pornolize page, it might just cancel out the effect of Jesusification.

If you think you will end up in hell, then you might be allowed to add a writeup before you leave. The lines for the computers down there are hellish, but what did you expect?

tongpoo informed me there is a town in Grand Cayman, British West Indies, called Hell. On reflection I recall there's also a place in Norway - they have a sign saying "Hell welcomes careful drivers"

Tlogmer tells me there is also Hell, Michigan.

Frankie said: "There is a place in South Africa called Hell and once a year they have a marathon up a dirt road mountain pass that ends there. It's the road to hell, or something. there is ALSO a place in South Africa called Hotazel (hot-as-hell)"

kohlcass said "It's not Hell exactly, but the seaside town of Hel , N. of Poland brought me friends and I endless hours of amusement. 'Where's Robert? Didn't he come back from Gdansk with you?'. 'Oh he took an extra day off - he's still in Hel.'" - Hel, Poland is located on the Hel Peninsula.

This node is a joke: Please see E2 News: 2002-11-02 for noding these places and The Everything People Registry if you happen to live in one of the many real world towns called Hell.

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