Contrary to popular belief, Switzerland is populated not only by mountain goats, bankers, Heidis, and Swiss fighting cows. Nestled in the valleys between ski-lifts and chocolate factories there are also real live noders. Though sightings are few and far between, and the population tends to be migratory, the majestic Noderator Helveticus makes a magnificent spectacle and occasionally a tasty meal for weary travelers. Known specimens include the following:

A native specimen with its habitat in Bern. Has known about E2 for ever since it came into being but only recently converted to the species Noderator Helveticus.
A migratory noder who is only spotted in CH every six weeks or so.
His habitat is Küsnacht (near Zürich), but his origins are currently unknown. It appears that this noderator helveticus has fled the mild climes of Confoederatio Helvetica for more exciting territories.
This mysterious noder's current habitat is Bern, lovely Capital of Switzerland.
Native specimen of Noderator Helveticus, though also somewhat migratory. Currently resident in London/UK via Bern, via Brig, via Australia, via Basel. Visitors welcome - in London yes.
Is embarassed to be the only french-speaking Noderator Helveticus. Lives in Vevey. This makes him a very rare and shy subspecies indeed.

A further native specimen living in Bern. However he is on the verge of flying the nest and migrating to cooler climes soon.

Update October 17, 2003: Specimen has flown the nest and has started its termly migration pattern to Cambridge, U.K.

Yet Another Update 2012: Specimen returned to Switzerland - Zurich, I believe. Has taken an English souvenir with him...

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P.S. How do you make a Swiss roll?

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