The Everything People Registry : United States : Missouri

There are quite a few noders living in the state of Missouri.

St. Louis (and surrounding area)
  • amib lives in St. Charles.
  • artman2003 lives in O'Fallon - west of St. Louis - with his wife, four year old son and two 1 year old twin sons and works in St. Louis County (Maryland Heights)
  • briglass went to Kirkwood High School (thanks for asking), lives in the Central West End and goes to Washington University.
  • chundra lives in Florissant, and is not a penguin.
  • CrAzE was a high school student at LHS and now attends the University of Missouri - Columbia. (he's a penguin too).
  • Dawggy says re The Everything People Registry : United States : Missouri: Hello Could you add my wife Harmony and Myself as being in Stoddard County, Missouri area? Thanks in advance.
  • Epiphany is a graduate student at Mizzou, and prefers horses to penguins.
  • EveryScud is a student who lives in the St. Louis area.
  • fugitive is a Reference Librarian at UMSL (and is "an evolving midwesterner").
  • gonuclearpower is a student at Washington University, and is from Kansas City, where she attended Liberty High School. Adelie penguins are her favorite type of penguins.
  • Harmony is way too good for Dawggy, but loves him anyway.
  • LaggedyAnne is a teacher at an unspecified school in the area.
  • MrSmith Doesn't live here anymore at all, so don't expect to find him anytime soon.
  • nod is a student at Washington University
  • rev_matt_y has just recently moved to the area.
  • rikek is a student at Washington University.
  • passport lives in Saint Peters.
  • The Lush grew up in South City (STL) and has lived in Wildwood for the past 15 years or so, he went to Lafayette Highschool and now attends the University of Missouri - Columbia.
  • Xamot lives in South County.
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