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A roleplaying game (kinda) written by Baron Munchausen himself (no, really!) and published by Hogshead Publishing (http://www.hogshead.demon.co.uk). Based on the wildly improbable stories told by the Baron, it's one of the weirder and more amazing games out there, and it doesn't make you use dice, cards, or even a gamemaster!

Here's the bare-bones-basic idea of the game: Everybody sits around and pretends to be the finer class of European nobility, like, fer instance, the good Baron himself. One person starts out and says something like, "Pray tell us, Baron Von Bones, the story of how you were able to climb to the moon using only twenty feet of rope" or "I say, Contessa Jessicapierce of the Huggydoodles, tell us why, during the Great Fire of London, you invented the continuous action loom" or even "Lord Sarcasmo XIV of Worcestershire, pray regale us with the tale of how you defeated the entire Turkish Army using only a sick camel and a jar of pickled eggs." Then its up to the lord or lady named to come up with a story, told in the style of a sophisticated and noble liar of the 18th century, that satisfies and amuses the audience. When everyone's had their turn, everyone votes on who told the best story.

Of course, there are other rules, involving duels, wagers, and fine wine, but I haven't got all day to explain this stuff to you. Go out and buy the d_mned book yourself, you bloody Frenchmen!

Seriously, this would make another great Everything game.

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