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I am raised Devout Atheist, a category that I've invented. Or perhaps my parents invented it. My mother decorated the house for Christmas, loved old Christmas carols, scorned modern ones like Frosty the Snowman and anything sentimental and my parents sang in big choruses so my bible education is the Messiah and other works with lots of latin, and I don't remember setting foot in a church until age 11 or 12.

My mother in law is a Unitarian. She is mildly shocked that my mother sends my son a book of the Christmas story, gorgeous watercolor illustrations. My son is two or three.

My son interprets the book.

On one page, right when the child is born, a baby's face is half shown, on the left page, eyes and forehead only. On the facing page, there is a newborn boy.

My son announces that the baby on the left is a girl. The one on the right is a boy. He is happy and satisfied with this because he is very interested in justice. Even at age 3.

And honestly, I'm rather happy with it too. By the watercolors, the girl is born first. What did happen to Jesus's twin sister?

The Nativity, illustrated by Julie Vivas

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