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This biopic of ex-PTL co-host and wife to Jim Bakker Tammye Faye Bakker was released in the summer of 2000. The movie is narrated by, and I am not making this up, RuPaul. Is that more appropriate than frightening? I can't tell.

Creepy quote from the movie trailer:

"I think the eyes are so important. I believe the eyes are the soul, I truly do. And I think you can look in someone's eyes and really tell what kind of a person; what their heart is. So when my precious precious friends die, I always ask if I can have their glasses."

"When my mom died, I got my momma's glasses. And they're very very precious to me. I like to put them on sometimes and think, 'You know, Momma looked through these.'"

She sounds like a serial killer! Dear God, I hope that I'll never be one of her "precious precious friends."

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