The Faceted Television Episode Guide-O-Matic Classification Scheme

The Faceted Television Episode Guide-O-Matic Classification Scheme, or FTEGOMCS, was created to allow easy cataloging of and access to the plots of individual episodes of television shows. This system is targeted to the fans of these shows, who often wish to view or review a certain episode. In fan-speak, this sort of information usually comes in the form of a "TOW" sentence, with the letters standing for "The One Where/ When/With." This is in fact so prevalent that the producers of the show Friends have actually given their episodes official (tongue-in-cheek) "TOW"-style names, such as "The One With the East German Laundry Detergent."

With the advent of FTEGOMCS, fans will now be able to access plot information using a simple alphanumeric code, allowing users from many countries to use the same classification without a language barrier. The system itself is based loosely on schemes such as the Universal Decimal Classification and A. Cameron's Fantasy Classification, in that it depends on facets and punctuation to produce very specific classification codes. There are four main aspects of the system:

The main classes
These numbers run from 1 to 099 (though not all classes are filled yet) and proceed in a decimal system, e.g.
6 The Paranormal
61 Extrasensory abilities
611 Telepathy
612 Telekinesis
613 Mediumism
614 Precognition
615 Psychometry
616 Enhanced normal senses
617 Enhanced physical strength
610 Other
Any level of number may be used, though the three-digit class numbers have the greatest level of specificity.
Each category has an "Other" section, ending in zero, that may be used to indicate some other item at the same level of specificity.
To illustrate, in the sample section above, unspecified extrasensory abilities would be classed under 61, and a particular ability not already enumerated, such as astral projection, would be classed under 610.

These letters are used to modify existing class numbers, and are simply added onto the beginning of the number that they modify e.g. S232=Secret Boyfriend; F363 Faked Multiple Personality Disorder; B445 Bad Sex.
When a letter is used to modify a compound number, such as 611.157 Vampire Headquarters, the letter may be affixed to whichever number with which it is most closely associated, e.g. G611.157 Headquarters of Good Vampires, or 611.E157 Former Headquarters of Vampires. If the letter applies to both, the parenthesis may be used, e.g. M(611.157) Mysterious Vampire Headquarters, where both the vampires and the headquarters are mysterious.

The letters were assigned in a semi-mnemonic fashion, to facilitate application and interpretation:
A Attractive, cute, sexy
E Ex-, former, previous, old
N New, replacement
R Fancy, upscale, expensive, rich
P Poor, cheap
V Strong, very, more, big, important
W Weak, not very, less, small, unimportant
F Fake, pretend, hoax
G Good, nice
B Bad, evil
M Mysterious, unknown
S Secret, hidden
T Temporary
U Surprising, unexpected

Punctuation is used to indicate the syntagmatic relationships between items.

+ Simply indicates that two separate items both occur.
Example: 431+444 a job interview and a first date.

. Combines two or more general items to make a more specific item. The most central
idea should be placed first.
Example: 265.414 a judge's funeral, where the judge is well-known to the characters; 414.265 the funeral of a judge, where perhaps the characters work in the funeral home.

/ First item is in, at, on, with, in the state of, attends, does, etc. the second item.
Example: 262/31 a pregnant nurse; ROSS GELLER/U461 Ross Geller attends a surprise party.

( ) Combines two or more separate items in order to let them act as one.
Example: (MARK GREENE+215)/422 Mark Greene and his daughter attend a parent-teacher conference.

: Indicates the object of an action.
Example: 241/451:251 a professor proposes marriage to his student; 201/514:217.213 a woman murders her twin brother.

> Causal relationship-first item causes or affects the second item.
Example: 534>503 a flood causes a blackout.

Proper Names
When absolutely necessary, it is possible to include names of places or characters that are otherwise too specific to include in the schedule. This should be limited to the names of main recurring characters in the show, e.g. HARRY TRUMAN or LUCY RICARDO. Non-recurring or minor characters should be described, if possible, by their relationship to the main characters, or by some distinguishing characteristic.
Names should be in the form FIRSTNAME LASTNAME unless unavailable, in which case use as much of the name as is provided, e.g. MR HECKLES. Titles should be in the common abbreviated form, without punctuation, i.e. DR, MRS, etc.
Place names should be treated similarly, in that they should be avoided unless the place visited is extremely unusual and central to the plot. For example, in an episode of the Brady Bunch where they go to Hawaii, the indexer would be justified in using HAWAII as a index term, as the trip is central to the plot. However, an episode of the X-Files where they travel to North Dakota to investigate a monster would not necessitate putting NORTH DAKOTA in the classification, as the main focus of the episode is the monster.

Friends: The One With Mrs. Bing
Ross kisses Chandler's mother, Monica causes a car accident that seriously injures an attractive man.

X-Files: Beyond the Sea
273.613/F471:DANA SCULLY.212.371
A prisoner who is a medium pretends that he can communicate with Dana Scully's dead father.

The Schedule

1 Places These may be combined with other class numbers to describe more specific locations, e.g. 261 Doctor with 151 Office to make 261.151 Doctor's Office.

11 Public Buildings
111 School
112 Medical
113 Place of worship
114 Community building (Town hall, library, etc.)
115 Government (DMV, social services, courthouse, etc.)
116 Station, port, depot
110 Other

12 Businesses
121 Restaurant/Bar/Coffee shop
122 Store
123 Service (Repair shop, laundromat, etc.)
124 Industrial (Factory, warehouse, etc.)
125 Agricultural
126 Corporate
120 Other

13 Entertainment Venues
131 Sports
132 Music
133 Art
134 Drama
135 Film
136 Amusement Park/Carnival
130 Other

14 Residences
141 House
142 Apartment
143 Hotel/Motel
144 Dormitory
145 Trailer Park
140 Other

15 Rooms
151 Office
152 Kitchen
153 Bedroom
154 Living room
155 Waiting room
156 Conference room
157 Headquarters
150 Other

16 Outdoor Areas
161 Park
162 Garden
163 Ocean/Beach
164 Mountains
165 Wilderness
160 Other

17 Transportation
171 Car
172 Bus
173 Airplane
174 Train
175 Boat
176 Horse
170 Other

2 People

21 Nuclear Family
211 Mother
212 Father
213 Brother
214 Sister
215 Daughter
216 Son
217 Twin
218 Step- (Use with other family member, e.g. 211.218 Stepmother)
210 Other

22 Extended Family
221 Grandmother
222 Grandfather
223 Aunt
224 Uncle
225 Niece
226 Nephew
227 Cousin
228 In-law (Use with other family member, e.g. 213.228 Brother In-law)
220 Other

23 Peers
231 Life Partner/Spouse
232 Boyfriend
233 Girlfriend
234 Friend
235 Neighbor
236 Co-worker/Colleague
230 Other

24 Authorities, advisors, superiors
241 Teacher/Professor
242 Spiritual Advisor/Counselor
245 Supervisor/Boss
246 Head of organization (to specify, add other class number, e.g 246.111=School Principal)
247 Expert/Authority
240 Other

25 Students, clients, employees
251 Student
252 Advisee
253 Patient
254 Client/Patron
255 Assistant
256 Employee (Add location class number for specific types of employees, e.g. Waitress=256.121. A Chef, however, should be classed under 246.152 as head of a kitchen.)
257 Business owner
250 Other

26 Professionals
261 Doctor
262 Nurse
263 Mental health professional
264 Librarian
260 Other (For Lawyers, see 276)

27 Legal system
271 Victim
272 Perpetrator/Criminal
273 Prisoner
274 Police officer
275 Judge
276 Lawyer/Prosecutor
277 Accused/Defendant
270 Other

20 General
201 Woman
202 Man
203 Girl
204 Boy
200 Person

3 Physical life

31 Pregnancy
311 Morning sickness
312 Sonogram
313 Baby moving
314 Moodiness/Unusual behavior
315 Labor
316 Naming the child
317 Fertility problems
310 Other

32 Infancy
321 Breastfeeding
322 Changing diapers
323 Waking up in the night
324 First steps
325 First word
326 Other first
320 Other

33 Puberty/Adolescence
331 Menstruation
332 Breas development
333 Voice changing
334 Facial hair
335 Discovering sexuality
336 Rebellion
330 Other

34 Aging
341 Midlife crisis
342 Biological clock
343 Menopause
344 Getting wrinkles
340 Other

35 Illness or injury
351 Minor
352 Serious
353 Chronic
354 Fatal
350 Other

36 Mental illness
361 Bipolar disorder
362 Depression
363 Multiple personalities<br /> 364 Schizophrenia
365 Paranoia
366 Phobia
367 Dementia
360 Other

37 Death
371 Death (For funerals, see 414.)
372 Burial
373 Autopsy
374 Kill (for murder, see 514)
370 Other

4 Social Life

41 Rites of passage, ceremonies
411 New baby (Christening, bris, etc.)
412 Coming-of-age (Bat mitzvah, quinceañera, etc.)
413 Wedding
414 Funeral
415 Religious service
410 Other ceremony

42 School
421 First day of school
422 Parent-teacher conference
423 Studying
424 Test
425 Grades
426 Assembly
427 Graduation
428 Reunion
420 Other

43 Working
431 Job interview
432 Get a job
433 Meeting/Conference
434 Project
435 Get promoted
436 Get fired
437 Quit
430 Other

44 Dating
441 Crush/Infatuation
442 Ask for a date
443 First date
444 Blind date
445 Have sex
446 Move in together
447 Break up
448 Come out (as gay)
449 Kiss
440 Other (For homosexual dating, marriage, etc., use 44, 45, 23)

45 Marriage
451 Proposal
452 Engagement
453 Honeymoon (For Wedding, see 413)
454 Anniversary
455 Affair
456 Separation
457 Divorce
450 Other

46 Events
461 Party/Celebration
462 Contest
463 Performance
460 Other

47 Actions
471 Communicate
472 Visit
473 Make
474 Give
475 Take
476 Learn/Find out

5 Misfortunes (For injury resulting from any of these, combine with classes in 35)

51 Crime
511 Theft
512 Vandalism/Destruction of property
513 Assault
514 Murder
515 Arrest
516 Trial
517 Prison
518 Investigation
510 Other

52 Accidents
521 Automobile
522 Airplane
523 Other transportation
524 At home
525 On the job
520 Other

53 Natural Disasters
531 Weather
532 Earthquake
533 Fire
534 Flood
535 Volcano
536 Attack of animals or insects
537 Epidemic
530 Other

54 War
541 Invasion
542 Terrorism
543 Getting drafted
540 Other

50 Miscellaneous
501 Destruction
502 Bad luck
503 Blackout
504 Stuck in elevator
500 Other (For Death, see 372.)

6 The Paranormal
61 Extrasensory abilities
611 Telepathy
612 Telekinesis
613 Mediumism
614 Precognition
615 Psychometry
616 Enhanced normal senses
617 Enhanced physical strength
610 Other

62 Monsters
611 Vampire
612 Werewolf
613 Demon
614 Zombie
615 Sea monster
617 Ghost
610 Other (For Aliens, see 642)

63 Magic
631 Witch
632 Wizard
633 Spell
630 Other

64 Space
641 Spaceship
642 Alien
643 Star
644 Planet
640 Other

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