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If you have never heard of the Hinduja Affair or the Millennium Dome you may want to read some background, e.g. http://www.guardian.co.uk/dome/article/0,2763,490379,00.html

An area of the brain, situated somewhere along the right (to you) side. This sector is used by God to define whether or not the person involved will be given Faith and when. A vital characteristic of The Faith Zone (an analogue computational system) is its ability to execute the 'ENLIGHTEN' equation accurately. This is the very complex equation that decides for the Lord when someone will be given Belief, considering important factors such as how much money the being in question has and ensuring that most poor who are given faith are condemned to Catholicism.

The Zone shares its name with a part of Britain's infamous Millennium Dome: This Is No Coincidence!
The Big Guy Upstairs spotted the title in some early Dome plans and, not being one to miss an opportunity, adopted it immediately for his most treasured domain in the brain. After several problematic months of attempting to implement his Equation, He was forced into pulling off an, it has to be said phenomenal, piece of business-cross-networking.
After consultation, Good God was referred to none other than Peter Mandelson by their mutual ('Above's closest head-of-government) friend, Tony Blair. Mandy, of course having that little extra slyness, spotted the obvious solution. Peter sent the Creator directly to the Hinduja Brothers, whom he had just struck a deal with over their sponsorship of his Faith Zone - that in the Dome, which he was responsible for filling on behalf of the Labour Government.
The Hindujas only saw one problem - that areas of the brain known only to God (at the time) get very little good publicity (Little did they know of The big Tent's future...). God, with his universal influence, offered the brothers a few extra bits and bobs - including a 'word' in some Indian judge's ears; 'passports' to his realm (A location, though not quite so pleasant as Britain, with a mystically attractive supernatural feel) and the Express Newspaper Group (He had momentarily forgotten contradictory obligations to porn baron Richard Desmond). The Hindujas were bought, and so was born The Faith Zone(2).

I should add that, most suspiciously, Dome parallels with divine sponsorship do not end there. British Airways - another company involved with Mandy's Big Erection on the South Bank - agreed with god to take a 70% share in a more physically indentifiable bodily function - the mechanisms leading to Deep-Vein Thrombosis!

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