Babylon 5 Season 2 Finale (Episode 22). Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Janet Greek. Originally aired on November 1, 1995.

Primary Plot: A Narn war cruiser that survived the Narn-Centauri War seeks assistance from B5.

Secondary Plot: Two representatives from Earth arrives aboard station to announce a position in the Centauri problem.

Tertiary Plot: Kosh reveals himself in order to save Sheridan's life.

Fourth Plot: Keffer searches for the myserious ship he glimpsed earlier in the year.

Commentary: Ahhhh, now we finally find out why Kosh would be recognized "by everyone" if he left his encounter suit! Over the millenia, the Vorlons has been subtly altering different species' basic religious myths so that Vorlons would look like angels, beings of light. Lennier, a Minbari, saw Valeria. The Drazi saw Droshalla. Sheridan saw a human angel. Perhaps more telling is what Londo saw: Nothing at all.

I've been unable to find information on whether Keffer was always intended to die here, or whether it was just because JMS realized what a dumb character he was. Either way, it's been pretty much universally accepted that killing him off was a Very Good Thing.

It's interesting that while Mr. Lantze initially appears to be in control, with Mr. Welles just being his associate, if you look closely it's clear that Mr. Welles holds more true power. It's a clear sign that the Nightwatch and similar organizations back home are rapidly growing in scope and influence. Even Sheridan is losing control of the situation, with Nightwatch personnel barely listening to his orders to stop bullying shopkeepers and sation residents.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Welles survives the purges that come at the end of the Earth Civil War and is still working for EarthGov some five years later. He appears in an episode of Crusade in much the same propogandist capacity.

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