Album by The Prodigy.

Track listing:

  1. Smack my bitch up (Snack'o'smack mix)
  2. Diesel power (Snake break mix)
  3. Breathe (like an Aphex Twin)
  4. Funky shit (Sweep mix)
  5. Serial thrilla (Bloodsport mix)
  6. Mindfields (Circles mix)
  7. Narayan (Goa tribe mix)
  8. Firestarter (roof-on-fire mix)
  9. Climbatize (Trigger mountain mix)
  10. Fuel my fire (M.B. Cee mix)
  11. Firestarter (Cold-cut and Stop mix)
  12. Breathe (Dub nize mix)

Like the album title suggests, it's a bunch of remixes from The Fat Of The Land. Not an amazingly impressive album, but the "Goa Tribe" remix of Narayan is quite good (albeit short). The songs haven't actually been remixed by the artists listed, but incorporate parts of their songs. Not really worth buying unless you absolutely must have every Prodigy album, or you have a thing for remixes.

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