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part 2 of SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber, by Hakim Bey

Thus the FATIMID ORDER is primarily "Islamic"; specifically it deploys a spiritual/initiatic affiliation with revolutionary Ismailism in the transmission of the Hafeziyya, whose Imams were the Caliphs of the Fatimid dynasty of Egypt (913-1171). This line supposedly disappeared and is not represented by any "church" in the world today other than the F.O., which owes no allegiance to the Nizaris or Qarmatis or Bohras or other existent Ismaili sects. The Order concerns itself with Hermeticism in the Egyptian/Islamic tradition; and with the practise of "initiatic dreaming" in the Owayssi sufi tradition (in which initiatic visions are sought without any authoritarian "Master" and without Tariqat-affiliation); and with the study of revolutionary theory and praxis in Islamic history. The Order follows a principle which might be called "anarcho-monarchism", and considers each of its devotees as a "Pretender to the throne of an Imaginal Egypt".

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