2018 Aug 28

10 minutes: Garbage man stares at

He stares at the bin for a moment. Then shakes it off.

He was reminded of a time in his life many years ago. A time when something like that was important to him. But that was a distant memory now. A life that was long gone.

Sometimes he still remembered those days fondly. But it wasn't a place he wanted to go back to.

Not anymore. He had found a new place in his life. A new direction. One in which he believed his former life was a fool's journey. He didn't know if he was on a new fool's journey now, but it was good enough for him. At least for today.

He didn't need a reminder of his past life though. That would probably result in him zoning out for the next few hours. Lost in memories of the past. And in the paths he had taken since then.

It's been many years and his life had become vastly different. Not in a bad way. He was thankful for that. More reflective in some ways.

Fortunately the rest of his route was not very taxing on his mind. It was meditative in a way. He had learned long ago to ignore both the people who scorned him, and the ones who admired him out of pity. This was not their world. This was his world. And his world travelled around town at low speeds, the sun drifting slowly across the sky as the breeze occasionally lifted his hair off his forehead.

There would be rest for his mind at the end of the day.

Something he couldn't say he had before.

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