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The Forgotten Coast is an area of the Florida Panhandle encompassing Gulf and Franklin counties. So named because of the few sleepy communities dotting its coastline such as Beacon Hill, Port St. Joe, and Apalachicola, this area still largely resembles the romantic pre-war Florida that is depicted in so many sepia-toned postcards. The area also was of considerable importance to maritime interests in the last century as the site of the Beacon Hill and Cape San Blas lighthouses.

Ironically, the term Forgotten Coast has been popularized in the 1990s by greedy real estate moguls who seek to commercialize one of the last unspoiled areas of Florida. Currently, there is a huge furor among Gulf County locals about The St. Joe Company or Arvida's plans to relocate U.S. Highway 98 from its current coastal route through St. Joe Beach to an undeveloped area further inland. It is feared that this area will then become the home of the dreaded condominiums that pollute the rest of Florida.

A special tour of this area has been scheduled for those attending the Grouper and oysters and shrimp gathering hosted by panamaus December 28-31, 2001. The gathering will be held smack dab in the middle of the area in peril.

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