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This was the sixth book in seven written by Mario Puzo (The Godfather, The Last Don). Written in 1990 and takes place sometime in the future. It assumes that the latest Pope (John Paul II) is dead and a new Pope has taken over, as well as that America has more control of the middle east, specifically the oil production therein.

It involves a new Kennedy (Francis Xavier Kennedy) being elected to the White House. With all of his best intentions, he can't release the ghosts of his past.

Just before he is elected, his wife dies and his daughter takes off for Europe. Alone on the night of the election, he feels powerless even though he is the most powerful man in the world.

A while later, the Pope is assassinated and his daughter is kidnapped and killed. In a mass of anger, he turns cold and implements harsh penalties and looks as if he has gone insane.

Then it gets interesting.

Puzo once said of this book, "...it was a commercial failure, but it was my most ambitious book." (from the offical Mario Puzo site). It is interesting and amazing, and has a conclusion that will stun the reader, but will end up not being surprising after a thought of the past.

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