The Freedom Ship Inc. have proposed plan to build a 'city at sea', named The Freedom Ship.

It will move continually around the world, and will be an ideal place to live and work, and will provide plenty of open space and recreational activities. It will be a colossal vessel, with its design being 4500ft long and 750ft wide, and will stand 350ft tall - 4 times higher than the Queen Mary. Design concepts include luxurious living, a duty-free shopping mall, and a 1.7 million feet squared floor, for companies to showcase products freely.

It is not being designed as a cruise ship. It will be a place to live, work, retire to or visit. The voyage proposed will circle the globe continuously and visit many coastal regions of the world. An airport on top of the vessel would allow small aircraft that can carry around 40 passengers would be able to land on top. Schools, hospitals, restaurants, banks, casinos, offices and warehouses are just some of the features the ship is hoping to offer in its 25 story structure.

The Freedom Ship's primary objectives have been set out as:-

  • Provide a unique, traveling residential community, combining the amenities of a modern city with those of the finest resorts, in an attractive, stimulating, and secure environment.
  • Create a vigorous commercial community whose privately owned and operated on board enterprises will sell their products and services world-wide.
  • Establish the world's largest duty-free retail shopping mall and bring it to markets around the world with a steady and substantial stream of resident and visiting customers.

It will be made as attractive as possible and it will include parks and promenades that will boast waterfalls and ponds, and aquariums will be a feature on most levels. The shopping mall will hopefully be one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. The ship may also see portions dedicated to single countries, with the design and feel of the architecture matching that of the country. It is planned to allow 200 acres of open space for relaxing and recreation.

Because of it's flat-bottomed hull, the huge vessel will guarantee stability and a smooth ride in the roughest of oceans. It is proposed to use 600 individual air and water tight hull sections for added safety. The ship would be almost fireproof and the proposed electro-static ventilation system would mean the air would be clean, filtered, uncontaminated, and pure.

The Freedom Ship would also make a number of offshore stops including at exotic locations that are not accessible by any other transport than by boat. This would allow for business opportunities and tourism of the people aboard the ship, and would let people visit the delights aboard the ship during it's stop.

Residential areas are believed that they will cost between $170,000 and $2.5 million US and commercial and commercial/residential joint units will probably cost somewhere between $250,000 and $9 million US. The population will be about 100,000 including all employees, residents and businessmen.

The Freedom Ship Inc. have predicted that it will take 44 months to build once started, whenever that will be.

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