As shown in Les Guignols de l'Info, the French equivalent for Spitting Image.

Highly controversial content ahead. You have been warned.

A jailhouse, somewhere in the US. A prisoner is dragged through a corridor, then tightly bound to what seems to be an electric chair.

Various people wander through the room, guards, policemen, and a man dressed in a dark suit who seems to be waiting next to a big, red telephone.

A totally different place: George W. Bush's office. Mr Bush is watching a football game on TV and is holding a bottle of beer. He doesn't seem exceedingly nervous - he's whistling some tune. On his desk lie a red telephone (quite similar to the one in the jailhouse room) and a big black attaché-case, widely open, with some kind of electronic device in it. The device features a big, red button.

Back to the jailhouse. The atmosphere is getting thicker. There is a big clock on the wall - it's five to midnight.

Back to Mr Bush's office. He seems to be enjoying the game - "Whoaa, yeah !", etc.

Back to the jailhouse. The camera moves between the prisoner, the clock (one minute before midnight), and the red telephone. Tension builds up. The prisoner breathes heavily. He's soaked with sweat.

Back to Mr Bush's office. His favourite team scores. Mr Bush noisily rejoices and, suddenly seeming to remember something, he picks up the big red phone on his desk.

Back to the jailhouse. The clock indicates ten seconds before midnight. The prisoner is gasping. The red phone remains idle. Five seconds to midnight. The tension is becoming unbearable. Two seconds to midnight. The guards walk away from the chair. One second to midnight...

The red phone rings.

The man in a dark suit answers. "Hm. Yes. Alright". He walks to the prisoner and reaches the handset to his ear, saying: "It's Mr Bush."

The prisoner (with a bleak, almost suffocating voice) : "Hello ?"

Mr Bush: "WAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" (compulsively pushes the big red button)

The prisoner (sparks bursting from his head): "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHH !"
The prisoner: "-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"
The prisoner: "-AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"

The prisoner passes out.

Mr Bush hangs up and quietly turns back to its television to watch the end of the game.

A voice in the background: "That's how things go in the United States. Watching a game. Having a beer. Killing people."


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