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Refers to Phish's two day music festival, 8-16-97 and 8-17-97, over which Phish played a total of seven total sets of live music, one of which was a disco jam, played entirely on old '70s keyboards. The name of the festival is derived from a line of a David Lynch movie, Fire Walk With Me, which is a reference to the television show Twin Peaks. Held in Limestone, Maine, at Loring Air Force Base, the festival drew 65,000-70,000 fans. On top of Phish's sets, the festival featured such side-stage entertainment as the Gordon Stone Trio, the Beatroot Gypsy Caravan, and a fire-breather whose origins are not entirely known.

The music for the weekend spans eight CDs, and is a very comprehensive mix of classic Phish staple songs and tasty long jams, (the second set of the second day featured a Down with Disease more than 27 minutes long. It's sweet.) Other jams to look out for include You Enjoy Myself (from the first set of the festival), which really shines in a lot of places. Also, the second set of the second day has some great music, featuring Also Sprach Zarathustra (the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme), into an "art jam," which Phish played as crew members completed a mutual piece of Great Went art by affixing Phish's contribution, and then burning the entire structure to the ground with a giant match.

The number after each setlist refers to the length of that set.


1: Makisupa Policeman-> Harpua, Chalk Dust Torture, Theme From the Bottom, Punch You in the Eye-> Ghost, Ginseng Sullivan, You Enjoy Myself, Train Song, Character Zero, The Squirming Coil (1:16)

2: Wolfman's Brother-> Simple** -> My Soul-> Slave to the Traffic Light, Rocky Top, Julius (1:08)

3: Halley's Comet-> Cities-> Llama-> Lawn Boy, Limb By Limb-> Funky Bitch (0:59)

E: Contact-> Loving Cup (0:13)

4: Disco Tent Jam


1: The Wedge, Beauty of My Dreams, Dogs Stole Things, Vultures, Water in the Sky-> Maze, Bouncing Around the Room-> Tweezer-> Taste, Carolina (1:17)

2: Down With Disease-> Bathtub Gin-> Uncle Pen, Also Sprach Zarathustra->Art Jam**-> Harry Hood (1:35)

3: Buffalo Bill-> NICU-> Weigh-> Guyute, Dirt, Scent of a Mule-> Prince Caspian (0:57)

E: When the Circus Comes-> Tweezer Reprise (0:12)

At the festival, artist Spencer Tunick made a stop on his tour of the 50 states, in which he travels the United States, photographing large groups of people in the nude. Approximately 1,100 people showed up for the nude photo shoot, all of whom reportedly received prints of the pictures taken. Tunick was arrested in August 1999, for arranging a nude shoot in the center of Times Square.

Setlists from http://www.phish.net's Helping Phriendly Book.

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