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A super-hero and his sidekicks published by DC Comics and created by Jack Kirby. The Guardian first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #7.

Jim Harper grew up with his friend Leo in a dangerous section of Metropolis called Suicide Slum. Harper and his friend grew up committing petty crimes for many years until they were caught by a man calling himself Nat Miller. Miller realized these two would come to no good if their paths didn't change, so he began to train them as athletes to give them a way out of their circumstances. It was later revealed that Nat Miller was actually the same man who originally trained Al Pratt and Ted Grant, who later became the original Atom and Wildcat.

Harper trained under Miller but his friend continued in his old ways. Harper left Suicide Slum for a time, but when he returned, he found his friend Leo had become a mobster. Harper watched in horror as his friend was gunned down in front of him soon after they were reunited. Realizing that he had to make a difference, Harper quit sports to become a police officer. After training, Harper was given Suicide Slum as a beat.

One day, while off duty, Harper was beaten by a gang of thugs. Realizing that he needed to do more, Harper went to a local costume shop and purchased the elements of a costume, including blue jumpsuit, a yellow helmet, and yellow shield. Calling himself the Guardian, Harper returned to Suicide Slum and brought the thugs to justice.

Harper continued to fight for the downtrodden in Suicide Slum for many years. On one adventure, he caught a group of youngsters from the area committing petty crimes as he once had. Realizing that he could help these four, Harper asked that he be made the legal guardian of these boys. The four became known as the Newsboy Legion and helped Harper both as a policeman and as the Guardian in his adventures. Harper never told the four that he was the Guardian though they suspected.

The Newsboy Legion was made up of Tommy (the leader), Gabby (the talkative one), Big Words (the smart one), and Scrapper (the feisty little one). The four grew up and became part of the Cadmus Project, an advanced think tank which experimented with genetics and cloning. When Jim Harper, a now retired police detective, was shot and killed, the four decided that they should clone Harper and give the clone his memories. This they did and the new Guardian was given the job of heading security for the Cadmus Project. The four also cloned themselves with the new clones becoming the new Newsboy Legion.

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