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While I'm not good enough to call myself a hacker, and am not fit even to tie the shoestrings of the true hackers, allow me to speak a little of the strange and wonderful things which have come to pass.

I heard a voice singing in the wilderness. It was Saint IGNUcius, long-haired, wild-eyed and rambling, who spoke of strange and wondrous things. With a wave of his hands, the arid land was transformed into a flowering garden, with all manners of birds and beasts, each with a purpose and cunning of its own, all clearly explained to man. Much did I learn during my days in that enchanted land, and the nights were filled with melodious awk's and grep's.

St IGNUcius proclaims, "Come to me, and I shall make you free." And the words spread across the land like a wild fire. There was much rejoicing among the just. But there was also much lamentation and beating of the breast, for many outside of the Garden have fallen under the influence of the Evil Empire, which grows stronger every day.

And there is also much confusion, as many do not know the true meaning of "free". For the Word is like a random seed and the fruit it bears depends on the soil on which it falls.

Even within the Garden, there is discord among the different factions. For there is not one God, but many. Thus, there are as some who worship the Penguin, some extol the the virtues of the methodical Python, others chant in a strange tongue to a Camel, and yet others honour an older, horned beast. But the wise understand that these are all manifestations of the same Spirit, and all are in danger if the Evil One prevails, for they will no longer be free creatures, and may even face extinction.

All this has come to pass, and I humbly submit this node, so that future generations may know of the events which have transpired during these times, and of the origins of the new faith.

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