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A series of paperback books about the continuing sleuthing adventures of The Hardy Boys. One book has been published each month since 1987. Finding the older ones can be quite challenging. It's getting kind of ridiculous.

This series started off on a hardcore note as Joe Hardy's longtime girlfriend Iola was blown up by a car bomb. Despite this tragedy, a lot of these stories have been pretty good, albeit homogenous at ~150-155 pages per book.

Whereas the original series of Hardy Boys novels were full of niceness and people with perfect grammar and relatively little violence or sexual innuendo, this new series is a refreshing, and slightly more hardcore, take on every boy's favorite detectives.

The Hardy Boys Casefiles have a very cinematic feel to them, which I enjoy. They're fast-paced, exciting, and fun. They manage to keep the feeling and atmosphere of the classic Hardy Boys novels, while upping the ante with more hardcore badguys and far more life-threatening situations.

I read nearly all of the original Hardy Boys novels as a young boy, and discovered the Casefiles novels when I was a teenager. I read all the Casefiles I could find in my school library (about the first 20 or so), and enjoyed them immensely. Iola's death in the first novel was shocking, but a brilliant story twist. It provided the means for Joe to become the more hotheaded of the duo, while Frank remained the cool, level-headed one.

Subsequent installments in the series have Frank and Joe posing as cultists, becoming bike messengers, working with the French surete, and posing as actors all in the course of solving mysteries. There's a very James Bond-ish style to the Casefiles, and it fits Frank and Joe quite well.

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