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She wakes up after hearing a knock on the door of her room. She immediately climbs off the sheet of plywood on top of her mattress. She kisses the floor and says, "Serviam", which is Latin for, "I will serve." She is a typical numerary in the Opus Dei religious organisation.

This is called The Heroic Minute. It is one of many corporal mortifications practiced by numeraries in Opus Dei. Her back and buttocks may be sore and bruised from beating herself with the discipline, a cord-lke whip, the night before. Once she is up she can look forward to a cold shower, another of the corporal mortifications, which she offers up to the Prelate. Then its off to breakfast where she may have coffee without cream and sugar, unbuttered toast, and no talking.

Opus Dei Awareness Network (http://www.odan.org)

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