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The wind was picking up. He’d been waiting on the curb for what already seemed an eternity, albeit probably closer to twenty minutes. It’s true, he wasn’t going far; he could already be there by now. However the lost time was beginning to turn this “coup de tete” into a rather stubborn matter of principle.  As pointless as this train of thought was, he was rather satisfied with his resolve, and rubbed his hands together in satisfaction. At least the wait would give him time to think, he mused.

He had a few rather pressing, yet not wholly uncommon, issues on his mind of late; namely work, studies and a somewhat incomprehensible relationship.  The tediousness, of these recurring themes, had recently begun to envelop him in an unprecedented degree of irritation.

As he mulled over these rather colorless thoughts a minivan began to flash its side light, and pulled up next to him. The occupants of the green and stereotypically suburban vehicle were a couple, both in their late 40s, from what he could tell. “Where are you headed?” asked the woman in an abnormally cheerful voice. “Not far, just a km or so down the road.” He replied absentmindedly. After receiving the invitation to “Hop in”, he gingerly opened the door and flopped down on the backseat. The car pulled away, and he resumed his rather bland musings.

As they got farther down the road, his gaze gradually shifted from the window, and the altogether unpicturesque scenery, to the observation of his would be “good Samaritans”.  

He noticed the couple was holding hands. Which was really nothing unusual, except perhaps, for the mere fact that they were both wearing wedding rings.  The rumors could be true he thought; the notion of a long and happy marriage was not to be restricted to the domain of myth and legend. However, blissful as a marriage could be, there was something rather peculiar about these two. An ethereal sensation of ecstasy seemed to have impregnated every nook and cranny of the car, a sensation that was clearly not derived from the vehicle’s esthetics.

It was strange actually, they appeared not to even notice him, and didn’t have very much to say to each other to add to that. Yet the woman couldn’t tear her gaze away from the figure that was most assuredly not her chauffeur. Her eyes sparkled, in a way that would make the Beatles jealous, and the smile that adorned her lips appeared to be irreversible. He almost felt as if he had walked in on the most intimate of moments, a feeling that had gradually begun to settle awhile back.

He began to fidget, attempting to move one leg to rest on top of the other. He was terribly unsuccessful in this endeavor.  He was blocked by some form of oversized furry contraption. He realized that he was surrounded by an assortment of various children’s toys, from pacifiers to kid’s chairs, and the occasional used tissue. It had “stressed out parents” MO written all over it.  Yet these two looked more elated than spiteful. He meditated on this, and thought of how wonderful it was that despite all the hardships of marriage, children and parenthood in general; this couple seemed at peace and still fiercely in love.

He was ripped from these thoughts quite rudely as the car began to slow down. Eventually coming to a halt, nowhere near his destination, I might add. The fuzzy feeling his previous thoughts had brought him was quickly being washed away by the entertaining prospect of the walk ahead of him. He began to reach for his bag, when the man looked at him and said: “Wait, we’re just changing cars”, He then got out, walked over to the driver’s window and tenderly kissed the women, whispering “I’ll call you as soon as Camille leaves, I miss you already”. A brief wave of incomprehension pulsed through our young man, but it was quickly replaced by a more permanent feeling of discomfiture. He was a little dazed.

All of sudden this relatively amiable situation had become horribly awkward. As the woman began to drive the latter emotion was palpable. He dared not even look at her; perhaps feigned ignorance would dissipate it, he hoped. However he couldn’t shake the unmistakable feeling that she was staring at him. As he glanced up, his eyes met hers in the rear view mirror, and darted, erratically, in any other direction. The woman just smiled and said: “Why should the young have a monopoly on love”. He joined her in a half hearted laugh, and began to pray that all the next lights would turn green.

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