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"Back during the 60's in Portland, whoever made the original Hofmann blotter buried, or hid a huge crystal from the original batch and left it until this year when they found it. A third of it was smuggled up Vancouver and'll be spread out as new hofmanns. I suppose the rest is to be spread out over the US.

The crystal was divided among the most devout apostles of psychedelia. (Actually, the "crystal" was not a single crystal, but a quantity on the order of 10 kg of the pure salt, collectively referred to as "the crystal.") These true believers were instructed in the proper storage of the sacrament.

Each was given a tabernacle, or container. The containers were shaped and jeweled like large, beautiful Faberge eggs, each a fitting repository for the sacred contents. Although beautifully and exquisitely crafted, the eggs were also vacuum storage vessels, hermetically sealed in depth. The crystal occupied the center cavity, bathed in argon. Psychedelic proselytizers have hinted at these eggs over the ages.

Legend has it that eggs are hidden in ice caves in New Mexico and Hawaii. Regions in the Andes and south in Patagonia, Argentina, have been hinted at. The Canadian Rockies and the Tibetan Himalayas have also been mentioned. This diaspora is sometimes mentioned in psychedelically inspired folk songs."

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