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This story begins in part 1: The Ice Queen.


The following work of fantasy fiction includes explicit sexual content and is not for people under 18.

The next day, the sorceress knew that she had waited too long. Suddenly, the queen was talking of insane marriage plans and the potential for unimaginable wealth was right within the sorceress's grasp. But if it was to happen, something would have to be done about her yearning for Hanto. It was time to take action, so she summoned Hanto to the chambers that she had been given.

Naya had made sure that the sorceress was given a large, lavishly furnished area not far from the throne room. It had not taken long for the sorceress to create a library of thick and arcane tomes in many old languages and a comfortable chair for reading them in, so that was where she sat while waiting for him. She had a book open in her lap that she pretended to read and pulled her robe open enough to expose the swells of her cleavage.

She left her door open so that Hanto would be sure to surprise her when he arrived and she tried to keep from smiling as the excitement of anticipation bubbled up inside her.

"You called for me, sorceress?" came Hanto's smooth voice from just beyond the doorway and he swallowed hard as his eyes came upon that exposed cleavage.

"That's right." She made a smooth, slow gesture towards another comfortable chair. "Please, sit down so we can talk for a while."

Hanto could feel his manhood swelling with every step he took. He was already fantasizing about seeing this beauty naked, and to have sex with a sorceress would be prize far more rare than even to take a queen. He was sure that by the time she was finished with him, his shaft would be aching terribly and he would have at least another fantasy to amuse the harem.

As he sat, the sorceress said casually, "What do you think of me, Hanto?"

He frowned slowly. It was a dangerous question. He cleared his throat and says carefully, "You are beautiful and talented, an amazing woman," all true enough.

Nodding absently, the sorceress continued, "Yes, I agree. And I have been talking to some of the women in your harem and it seems that you are a remarkably skillful lover."

Hanto almost gasped and he felt a touch of warmth in his cheeks, then said uncertainly, "Well, yes, I have heard that also. The girls have never complained."

"And they also say that you have a remarkably large penis."

There was a laugh and then a smirk as Hanto said with some pride, "That is certainly true."

"I see," said the sorceress thoughtfully and turned a page of her book, then asked, "Am I right to guess that it is chemically enhanced?"

There was pause as he frowned slightly and tried to decide where this was going, then said carefully, "Yes, that's right."

"I made a long and careful study of alchemy some years ago. I would appreciate an opportunity to inspect it."

His eyes widened and then he gasped, "You mean...You want to look at my penis?!"

"That's correct," she solemnly replied, "Will that be a problem?"

He shook his head quickly and stood up, his hands trembling in excitement as he unfastened his loose pants and let them fall about his feet. His swollen member instantly flopped out, growing and twitching even as she watched, her eyes locked upon that little limb.

"Not a problem at all," said Hanto as he slowly grinned with pride as he watched the expression on her face, "What do you think of it?"

She licked her icy lips. It had been so long since she touched one of these that she had begun to think that her cold body did not need it. Just as the people of the desert had learned to accept the heat, she had learned in her travels to live without men. But since she had been visiting the harem, all her ancient lusts were awakened again.

"Magnificent," she whispered, and wrapped her hand around it, her fingertips just barely touching her thumb.

There was a little cry and the hot shaft softened in her grasp as the powerful man was shocked by how cold her hand was. He groaned as a shiver shot through him and rolled his head back, his member growing slowly softer until she could squeeze it and watch the fat tube bulge between her fingers.

"You're so cold," he panted as the prickly chill spread from her fingers along the length of his shaft and into his thighs; his legs were starting to get weak.

He was sure his manhood would shrivel down to nothing in her grasp, but then she began to stroke. She rubbed her smooth palm up and down his soft meat, squeezing it tightly with her fingers until she could feel it throbbing again, heating against her skin. She licked her lips until they were gleaming moist as she watched the swelling tip of his shaft slowly growing closer.

It was too slow, and she could not bear to wait any longer. She gave him a few hard pumps and then planted her lips firmly upon the tip. She moaned happily and closed her eyes as she tasted its fluids and pushed its covering back with her mouth. His hips jerked and rocked, grinding his aching manhood against her soft lips as she squeezed and stroked his length until it was almost rock hard and then she began to lick, rolling her moist tongue along the flesh at the end of his erection.

Hanto's loud groans filled the air as his veins bulged against her fingers. The heat from his loins was so intense that the coolness of her touch was nothing but a relief. The tingling sensation it gave him was so intense that already he could feel himself on the edge of exploding.

She could feel it too and she smiled as she opened her eyes to look up at him, but what she saw made her stop dead. She stared across the room and Naya stared back from the doorway.

The two looked at each other for a long moment, Naya standing there with a blank expression, her beautiful blue eyes drifting from the sorceress, down along the length of the huge shaft she was kissing and stroking, then back to the sorceress. Finally, Naya turned and left without a word and Hanto never even noticed that she had been there.

"Is something wrong?" grunted Hanto as he felt his manhood primed for release.

"No, it's nothing," lied the sorceress as she stared off into the space where Naya had been.

The cool hand gave the erection a few more strokes without even realizing what it was doing and suddenly a thick glob of white fluid splattered into her face. It clung there for an instant as the sorceress gasped and then it flowed down onto her breasts and into her exposed cleavage.

When he returned to the harem, he had a broad, satisfied grin on his face and he was bursting with the news as he walked with long, confident strides. "Girls! You'll never believe what just happened to me!"

The girls all waved and ran over to greet him as he entered the extravagant room and Kala was first in line, saying with a grin, "Tell us, Master! Did you finally get to give it to Queen Naya?"

He laughed and shook his head, holding up his hands to calm the bouncing girls, "Better than that. Incredible. The sorceress took my penis into her mouth until I was squirting all over her face!"

There was a sudden hush and all the girls stared, then Kala stammered, "The sorceress?! But...but..." shaking her head in disbelief, "But isn't she almost a goddess? She wouldn't do a thing like that!"

He shook his head and smirked, saying lightly, "I can't explain it. I've never even talked to her before this. Today I have got to be the luckiest man in the world."

And suddenly all the girls were chatting at once, trying to come up with theories to explain it. Only Kala was silent and she seemed to be in shock. She had met the sorceress and the sorceress had listened to all her secrets. The sorceress had been Kala's hope for a better future.

But before the girls could even begin to question Hanto further, the little silver bell began to ring.

He gasped and stared at it and his penis twitched under the thin fabric of his pants. He was used to having sex many times each day, a day had rarely passed when he was not called upon to use his mighty tool, but the thought that he might have sex with the queen and the sorceress within the same day was too much even for him to contemplate.

And yet, when he arrived at the throne room, Naya was alone and sitting on her throne with her breasts completely bare. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

She said nothing, but he knew what was needed of him. It took him just a moment to drop his pants and stand before the throne with his muscular body completely bare and he grinned as his shaft slowly rose higher and higher to point up at the Queen on her throne.

He bit his lip in excitement as the veins on his massive erection stood out and he took hold of Naya's belt, his trembling fingers working to unfasten it.

"No, not there," she said softly and closed her legs as she put her hands on her breasts and cupped them. His dick became so hard that it was almost painful as he watched her push her round breasts together so that the cleavage squeezed closed and she said hotly, "Here."

Hanto did not argue, he was so rock hard that if felt like his erection was holding back a raging river by force of will alone. He quickly climbed up on top of her and let his heavy balls rest upon her belly as he took one breast in each hand and slowly thrust his long rod of meat into her.

With clenched teeth, he ground his meat through her cleavage again and again, squeezing her warm flesh around his shaft with both hands so that the head of his monster swelled out of its covering and quivered. His breathing was hot and heavy as he tried to hold back, but it felt like he was going to burst.

By the time he noticed the look of hate in Naya's beautiful blue eyes, it was too late. He was far too wrapped up in his own penis to understand what that look meant. By the time she actually showed him the gleaming blade of her chisel, he barely had time to jerk away from her, his throbbing manhood springing free from her bosom just in time to be sliced in two by a single swipe of her blade.

There was a howl of pain and horror that filled the vast throne room and Hanto clasped both hands around his stump as a huge chunk of his penis thumped heavily to the floor, still throbbing weakly as it died.

His mind was spinning in shock as he gripped what was left of his flesh and shook his head wildly, stammering, "No no no! This can't be happening! My penis! What have you done to me?!"

"I've given you exactly what you deserve, you bastard! You should have left that thing in your damned harem!" snarled the queen and then lashed out at him again with a violent heave of her impressive breasts. While his hands were busy with his ruined manhood, she stabbed the chisel deep into his chest and cried, "Now die!"

Naya was breathing heavily and staring down at the dead body of Hanto. Her heart was racing so fast that she could not stop trembling. Her eyes locked upon the blade in her hand. It had been used to carve beautiful sculptures and now she saw that it was stained with blood.

Then she looked around and saw all the animals glaring at her, their eyes furious, their fangs bared. She stepped back but the ice seemed to move as the pattern of light changed and all the animals stepped forward. As she stared they were drawing closer, closing in on her.

"Stay back!" she cried, waving her blade at the statues.

"Naya?" came the sorceress's voice in response, sounding uncertain and concerned. "Naya, I desire to talk to you about..."

There is a gasp and then Naya's breath caught in her throat as she saw the sorceress entering the throne room. To Naya, it felt as though her heart stopped for that moment, then she suddenly cried, "No! Don't come in!"

"What...?" stammered the sorceress as she stared at Hanto, then at Naya, the cool dark eyes growing huge, "What have you done?!"

The Queen fell to her knees, letting the bloody chisel clatter to the floor as she clasped her hands together and begged, "Please don't be angry! I did it for us!"

The sorceress frowned and her lips quivered as she stared at the queen, then suddenly roared, "You stupid, selfish, arrogant little brat!" With fierce gesture, the sorceress thrust her hand into the air, black eyes locked upon the half-naked queen.

Looking up at that hand in confusion, Naya sobbed and started to apologize, but before she could get the words there was a stabbing pain between her legs as a blade of ice suddenly shot up out of the floor and straight through her pants and into her loins.

She was lifted off her feet, writhing in horror as the huge spike of ice flowed out of the cracks in the tiles and sliced into her vulva like butter. It penetrated deep into her belly, filling her with an intense cold that surged through her body. It kept going deeper and deeper, cutting into her flesh until it was in every part of her.

As she cried one last time, her tears froze in her eyes.

"Oh, Kala...What have I done?" sobbed the sorceress as she fell to her knees at Hanto's side, "I'm so sorry."

As she sat there and thought of all that had happened, a great rage built within her, a rage unlike any seen before or since. When that rage finally exploded from her, the sorceress howled in fury so that the entire kingdom could hear. Her voice chilled the air so deeply that it would never be warm again and the blood froze in veins of all who heard it.

Everyone knew the story; it was as famous as The Frozen Sands themselves.

The boundless riches in gold and treasure that must still lay in the vaults of the palace had lured many men to their deaths in the unforgiving cold. And so he came from his home in the bitter cold of the north after making love to his beautiful wife, knowing that he could succeed where all others had failed.

The icy wind could not cut through his thick muscles or the warm fur that envelopes his loins. The long journey had been trying on him and he had been forced to seek comfort in the arms of many women on the way, but now that he was finally here he felt as comfortable as if he were home.

He walked through the ruins on his soft fur boots and frowned as he gazed upon all the destroyed buildings. He was surprised by how few bodies there were. There should at least have been the bones of the previous explorers.

And then he came to the palace itself. It stood as tall and proud as ever and the gates were wide open for him. As he explored it he found that it did not seem to have suffered any damage in the disaster, but many of the rooms were completely filled with ice. He opened a door and found it led to nothing but a sheet of ice as smooth as glass.

That last door he opened made him freeze in horror. As he stared through the ice, he saw the perfectly preserved bodies of a naked man and woman, their eyes closed, their arms embracing each other. There was a script carved into the surface of the ice, but he could not read it. The language was ancient and the message was written backwards. The words simply said, "Forgive me." He decided to avoid opening doors as much as he could after that.

Finally, he came to an room filled with statues carved in ice. It was a large room and he guessed that there must be hundreds of statues in total. They were all naked women and soon he realized that they were many statues of the same woman, repeated again and again in rows running the full length.

It was amazingly beautiful to his eyes and he walked through the sculptures enjoying the way the light shimmered through their translucent bodies. Then he found one that was not like the others. She was younger, less athletic but with smaller breasts, and her hair was sculpted in a different style. Most curiously of all, she was posed sitting in a shiny silver throne.

This one was far more life-like than the others. As he watched it, it actually seemed to move, its eyes following him.

Its head turned and it spoke, "Do you like them? I made them all myself," its voice casual and quiet.

He screamed and scrambled backwards, gaping at the talking ice sculpture, then he stammered, "You're alive!"

She laughed and rolled her eyes as she stood up from her throne and walked towards him, her icy feet clicking with every step as she said, "In a way. I used to live in a desert you know. It was hot every day; I was surrounded by warmth everywhere I went. Now I would give anything just to feel a warm touch against my skin."

He gaped at her, rendered speechless. As she moved, she was a strange vision of beauty. Every part of her moved like flesh rather than ice. Her bare breasts bounced lightly with each step, the muscles of her legs flexed and stretched, and even the folds between her legs were intricately detailed.

"They are a woman I used to know, a long time ago," she explained without being asked, "I though she was my friend once. Now all I want is to understand why she left. If only I could ask one of these sculptures."

"How...How can you be alive?" he asked in a deep, nervous voice.

She smirked and said casually, "Did you know that if you carve an ice sculpture well enough, it will seem to come alive? I have been trying to capture her image so that I might have one more moment with her, but I can never get the lines quite right. Some days I wonder if I might be wasting my time, sculpting her over and over again, but then I realize that I have far more time than I want."

He swallowed hard she moved closer to him an he felt the cold sting of her icy fingertip upon his bare chest. She licked her lips and looked down his bare body, then said softly, "I've had visitors before, but you're the first one who came naked. Aren't you cold?"

Looking into her eyes was a strange experience, because he could see right through her face and out the back of her head. He couldn't bring himself to speak to such a face.

"Oh, but I can feel that you aren't! You are so warm!" she said as she slid a hand firmly down the bulging muscles of his belly, stroking his warm skin with her icy palm until her fingers were exploring the thick bush of white hair that concealed his loins.

Her icy fingers suddenly found is soft penis and wrapped tightly around it, causing him to cry out at the cold as his flesh shriveled. "What...what're you doing?!"

"I'm making love to you," she whispered into his ear, "You know I'm not really a statue, right?" she said as he grasped one of his hands and drew it up to her bosom. The ice his fingers touched was not at all like ice; it was soft like flesh, cold but almost liquid against his fingertips, like water but firm and holding its shape.

She moaned softly as he squeezed her breast and hard nipples appeared on the shiny surface of her skin. "Come on, sit on the chair and let me ride you. You came all this way looking for treasure and you've found it: a beautiful woman to make your own."

He quickly scrambled onto the chair and despite the icy fingers that held his penis, it was swelling and growing hot as the sight of her naked breasts, so real in touch and movement, and yet as beautiful as pure translucent ice. Her entire body was an awesome sight to behold and soon he was rock-hard and twitching.

"Oh, you're so warm," she moaned as she sat down on his lap, guiding her icy tunnel down upon his throbbing manhood. He groaned in pleasure as he was squeezed by soft walls and his eyes bulged in amazement as he could see his shaft thrusting into her right through her translucent belly.

He grasped her hips and thrust into her slowly at first but then harder and faster. She was cold but beautiful, and the cold did not bother him. He never missed a chance to take a beautiful woman and they always appreciated it. She cried out softly, "Yes, oh yes! Give me more!" as her breasts bounced up and down with each thrust.

He groaned and clenched his teeth as he felt his rod tense and quiver, so near to bursting deep inside her. He clenched his belly and forced himself to continue, not wanting to let this end.

Pumping faster and faster, he moaned and panted as he smacked his balls against her butt and the more he stroked inside her, the longer it seemed he could go. Soon the feeling of being ready to cum had completely left him and only the sensation of cold remained.

It was the longest, most intense sex of his life, the chill making him feel everything so much more deeply. He could not tell how long it lasted, perhaps minutes, perhaps hours, but suddenly he realized that he could no longer feel his manhood at all, as if he were pumping into nothing.

There was no pleasure, not even a sense of cold. He grunted in frustration as he pushed on her hips to draw his mighty shaft from her body.

He screamed in horror as he clutched his penis in both hands. It had turned blue and it felt like a block of ice as he cried, "My penis?! It's frozen!"

She pouted her icy lips and said playfully, "You're not finished yet, are you?" Then she instantly latched onto his body, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him while his hands were busy, pinning his arms to his sides as her bosom shoved into his face.

"Oh! You're so warm!" she moaned happily as his cries were muffled by her breasts and he writhed and jerked. He squirmed off the throne but she just fell on him, clinging to him as they flopped around on the floor until finally he went still.

At last she stood from his body and look down upon his pale frozen corpse.

She sighed, "Looks like I broke another one. And I still didn't get an orgasm," then flopped back onto her throne.

"I'm sure this can't go on much longer. Someday she'll come back and set me free. She can't leave me cursed forever."

She must have been speaking to the ice sculptures, because there was no one else to answer her.

The End


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