No parties.
No booze.
No wild monkey sex.

What's a noder to do when his parents go out of town on an extended vacation?

Throw a highly illicit impromptu nodermeet, of course.

Our host (who shall remain nameless, in order to protect the guilty) and his lovely-- heh-- assistant invite you to join them this March 24th in XXXXX, XXXX. There will be drinking, dancing, debauchery, and freshly baked cookies.
No word yet as to who will be debauched. So please stop by some time between now and, say, the 27th. We've got food. And beer. And sexy noders. Disclaimer: sexiness of noders has not been verified.

Go to the museum!

Perform drunken karaoke!

Hijack our host's network server and download porn and illegal MP3s!

The icky, grotty, nitty-gritty:

A nodermeet. On insanely short notice.

Soon. Very soon. Now, almost. (Yesterday, probably, or the day before, if the server errors keep up.)

Wednesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 25, with considerably flexibility given to those arriving earlier, later, thinking about arriving, those having work, etc. Heh, you can even show up the weekend before or after, but we can't guarantee that anyone else will be there.
...In short, the center of the week, but hey, we're flexible.

XXXX. Directions and specific location further on in the writeup. Of doom.

It's a nodermeet. Do you really need a reason?
We'll have beer. Really. I'll bake cookies. With real butter. And despite the information on my homenode, we will not be microwaving either of our host's cats for fun or profit. There's a chance that some people from that other site might be there, too. Did we mention internet access? 802.11b, if that's your bag. We also have a hub for that "wired" thingie.

Simple. You get your butt here. Now.

The location of the meet is:
XXXX. You can reach our host at home by dialing (XXX) XXX-XXXX. If stranded out in the desert, encircled by vultures, it may be possible to reach our host by cell phone as well-- but don't count on it.

It'll be fun. You know you want to come. There are a few guest beds, couches, and a metric crapload of floor space. Bonus points for extra cuddly noders.

Addendum: Our host has informed me that if you noders don't get here quickly, he'll drink all the beer himself.

The Guilty Parties
Tried and convicted:

Possible suspects:
  • bane221
  • mblumber lives close to XXXX. Any noders want to help him out with a ride?

Wanted for crimes elsewhere:

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