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I'm going to describe what the trigger to psychological liberation is, and why it works. With an understanding of that, it should be easier to see what you're here to see.

So, basically, the human mind operates via pattern recognition - stimuli triggers experience triggers the brain to remember consistent patterns in experience. Whenever more experience happens, the brain sends out it's previously recognized patterns. This is a rough sketch, but you can see this happening, right?


If you look at this picture, you'd probably see an young woman with her head turned sideways, but if you look from a different perspective, maybe back up a bit, you can see an old lady whose head is tilted down... once your mind sees that second lady, it won't be able to unsee it.

Alright cool. Try to notice this stuff working out like this in real life. That's essential - just a quick check to see if what I'm saying is backed up by the reality of what's really going on.

Now, so, pattern recognition is just one way that the mind interprets the world. Another way is through beliefs... which are a bit less accurate, yeah? You can believe basically anything, and interpret experiences as confirming those beliefs, even if your experiences don't really confirm them.

If I believed the earth was flat, I can look outside and have this belief "confirmed", at least in my head, but obviously it won't be true. Sailing around the world on a hot air balloon, or going into space, will provide my mind with evidence that "the world is flat" is a false belief - it's actually round.

The existence of the self (the experiencer and pilot at the core of life) is a false belief, just like the earth being flat. With a quick glance certain experiences seem to confirm the self's existence- actually, the existence of experience itself seems to suggest a self - there has to be something to experience experience, right? A breather to breathe, a reader to read. A feeler behind feelings, a thinker behind thinking.

So, anytime something happens to the human organism, or anytime an action/thought occurs, the mind goes "Oh hey that must have happened to/came from "me" (the self). Then it adds whatever happened to the self-image, which in turn becomes the false context by which life happens.

The thing is - the core insight that started this all - is that the self isn't there. There's nothing in reality which backs up its existence, and it's possible to recognize that life operates completely on its own without a core you (I, me, etc.) directing its actions.

If you've got a particularly limiting or destructive self-image, one that causes suffering, seeing its "falseness" will definitely give the mind some peace and relief.

You do this by seeing that there is no you - directly recognizing this. Minus the paradox: a "you" isn't required to look and see this, looking happens. No you breathing, just breathing. No you feeling, just the experiences of life.

See if it's possible to recognize the reality of this - see if it's true right here and now. Look at the experience of life through the lens of "there is no you" - look AS IF it is true, and from there, see if the world confirms it.

That's the trigger: Recognizing that the assumed self is only a fiction - a collection of thoughts which don't accurately represent reality.

See that it is true that there is no you, and a more honest and free way of living opens up. Experiences become more rich, destructive thought-loops are cut short, you'll be less bothered by emotional trauma, and the best part is it's a one time deal.

So try it out; tell me how it goes.

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