The imperative in Latin is relatively easy to form.

You start with the infinitive of the verb you'd like to mess with - I'll demonstrate for all three conjugations. My apologies for the lack of long marks.

Parare     Monere     Regere     Audire

If you are commanding one person to prepare, stay, rule, hear, etc., you just drop the -re ending.
Para!      Mone!      Rege!      Audi!

If you are commanding more than one person, you drop the -re and add -te.
Parate!    Monete!    Regite!*   Audite!

If you are commanding one person to not do something, you use "noli" and then the infinitive.
Noli parare!      Noli monere!      Noli regere!      Noli audire!

For a negative plural commante, just use "nolite" instead of "noli".
Nolite parare!    Nolite monere!    Nolite regere!    Nolite audire!

     *Notice that 3rd conjugation verbs are -ite in the imperative plural, not -ete.

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