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Another movie in the "The Incredible Hulk" series, starring Bill Bixby (as Dr. David Banner), bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno (as the Hulk), Joanie Allen (as Maggie), Steve Levitt (as Don Blake), and Eric Kramer as the all-mighty Thor. The movie was produced in 1988 and is a straight-to-TV release.

Plot outline (slight spoiler warnings):

Dr. David Banner has become employed at the Joshua-Lambert institute and has just finished his Gamma Transponder Machine, which could very well free him from the monster within him. His first session with it is interrupted, though, by Donald Blake, an ole college friend who spontaneously breaks into the lab and stops him.

After interrupting Banner, Blake speaks to him over a cup of coffee and describes that he's acquired some problems lately during a recent ill-fated expedition up in the savage lands of the northmen. Whilst into the expedition, Oden gave him the power to control Thor, a real, physical (!) Viking god, with Mjolnir, a hammer he found in a cave.

From here, everything gets funny. Banner does not believe him, which results in that Blake proves his story by making Thor appear in the lab. HAVOC!

David Banner must now try to repair the machine, whilst running a love affair with Maggie Shaw and having the burden of Donald Blake with Thor on his shoulders. Internal problems are also raising within the Joshua-Lambert institute (traitors, bribery etc) spicing the story up to something actually bearable.

A short review:

I really like the movie, it gets better every time you see it. Of course, it's what most people would call a "b" movie, but it's extremely funny. Everytime they do a mention of the Viking gods, misconceptions are almost always involved. Despite the very bad plot, which seems to have been written by some drunk dude on a Saturday night, the actors do a truly excellent job, especially viking muscle-dude Eric Kramer.

There are pub scenes (where Thor drinks a hundred of gallons of beer or so - yay!), and the action scenes are pretty well made too.

All in all I do recommend this movie, but don't count on that everyone will like it - the plot is diffuse, some things can be very hard to understand etc. I totally hated it upon first watching it, but upon the second or third time I realized how such a good - albeit hilarious - movie it is.

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