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A book by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

SMS summary: Childish Aljosa cannot decide which one of the two beautiful ladies to choose. Everybody else is just as hesitating.

A bit longer overview:

Dostoyevsky writes from the viewpoint of Vanja whose character overlaps in many spheres with that of Dostoyevsky himself. Vanja loves unselfishly Natasa, who is also loved by childish Aljosa, a son of mean prince. Natasa is also in love with Aljosa but she knows Aljosa isn't faithful and when the second young woman, Katja, appears into Aljosa's life Natasa knows Aljosa will choose Katja instead of her. Natasa knows about Vanja's emotions but she cannot give up Aljosa.

Aljosa himself is even more unable to decide. He changes his mind constantly but is forgiven for his childish innocence. He clearly doesn't realize what he's doing.
His father however wants him to marry Katja because it will bring a lot of money and respect into the family. He makes clear he will do whatever is necessary to prevent the possible marriage of Aljosa and Natasa.

Meanwhile a young orphan girl Nelly is accomodated by Vanja and he has lot of troubles with her, for her twisted, unnecessary proud traits. Vanja tries to persuade her to move to live with Natasa's parents. The relationship between Natasa and her father is in very bad shape because Natasa run away from home to live with Aljosa. Vanja uses Nelly to soften the heart of Natasa's father and eventually Nelly and Natasa move back to live with Nikolai Sergejits and Anna Andrejevna.

In the end Aljosa moves away with Katja without understanding that it means he will be goodbye for Natasa. Both women agreed they will do what is best for Aljosa and thus Natasa steps down somewhatta voluntarily.

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