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Founded in 1972 by Parapsychologist D.R Larry Montz, the ISPR was the first official scientific agency to take paranormal investigations into the field, studying both hauntings and Psi (Psychic) Abilities. They claim a 95 percent accuracy rate in field investigations, although precisely how you gauge accuracy in a subject as vague as the paranormal is unknown to me.

The ISPR has a unique method of working. They send out teams, usually a mixture of psychics, scientists, and historians to various haunted locations. The locations can be occupied and studied for a long time if needs be. Once all the relevant information has been recorded the team can then cleanse or exorcise the area if it is deemed necessary.

The ISPR have released several recordings of Investigations on VHS. Including:

  • ISPR investigates: Ghosts of England.
  • ISPR investigates: Ghosts of Belgrave Hall.
  • ISPR investigates: Ghosts of New Orleans.
They also run several ghost expeditions in New Orleans, Hollywood, and England, open to the general public. These expeditions not only provide some funding for the organisation, they allow the completion of two major objectives. A long term study of Multiple haunted locations, and the study of Psi abilities in members of the general public.

Members of the ISPR team include:

Information on how to book places on Ghost Expeditions can be found on their website. www.ispr.net

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