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an entry in OLA Scary Story Contest 2000

The Journal of the Cursed Scientist
by Cory, age eight

This is all from my memery and my jornal on that horrible year...

8:35 am

I fear it may only be a few days before I go crazy. I awoke this morning with blood on the floor and scratches on my walls my cloths shattered everywhere. I can't stand the pain in my body that is why I chain myself to the wall in the dark basement. Of course I know this will not hold me for ever that, is why I wish I never ventured in the woods and got drunk and slept their. The next day I awoke with a bite on my neck. From that very day I have but trying to find a cure.

6:30 am

I have awoken once again even worse. Now I have made a decision to find out what will cure or kill me because every morning I find on the news that someone or somethig was murdured but no one has seen the killer but I know who the killer is, mmm me! Worst of all my grandson is coming because his parents passed away he is seventeen. The only good thing is he knows a lot about vampires, witches and wearwolfs. He can proble help cure me but to insure his safety, I will build , a metle door and pray it works.

11:30 pm

My grandson Ron is sleeping and I wait to turn into a wearwolf. Dark and quiet now I hear only the wind outside, Argh! The pain Argh! Ooooooo! Haha! Crash! Pap? Holy crap a wearwolf. Ron running for his dear life, then he ran into a construction site grabed a stick of dinomite the slice three claw marks in his shirt. Quickly he just put the dinomite in the wearwolfs pants and boom it blew and their was rotting wearwolf flesh all over the construction site. Ron left and went back to his Paps house he took out his sutcase and got out all of his guns and silver bullets. He went back to the construction site.

5:30 am

and saw the wearwolf had his body back and he fired ten shots at it relaoded and fired ten more it fell to the ground, and their his pap sleep. For it is these had a cure for his terible dieses.

Sined Bill Clintoneds

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