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This is a fighting strategy routine originally developed for use in the first person shooter game Quake 2 - or more specifically, the Action Quake 2 mod for said game. (See that link for further reference.) However, it is also compatible with games such as Counterstrike, a mod for Half-life.

The doctrine is dependant on getting a high-powered weapon, preferably a shotgun and most preferably a double-barreled, non-pump action shotgun, such as the sawed-off shotgun in Action Quake 2. Thereafter, one relies on stealth and hiding, and tries to get a close surprise shot on the unsuspecting victim, screaming "KABLAM" as the attack is executed.

This is why the sawed-off shotgun is preferred - the spirit of the strategy is to rely on one high-powered shot only. The long reloading time of the weapon further elevates the bragging potential for the person who follows the doctrine.

In a perfect setting, the doctrine is used while playing said games on a LAN. This way, the psychological effect of the "KABLAM" exclamation is maximized.

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