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Today, July 15th, 2004, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and his running mate John Edwards kicked off their "Front Porch Tour" in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

This four month exercise in presidential campaigning involves both Dem nominees to visit homes in various American cities and from their front porches, address issues, yield questions and basically, get to know the people of the United States of America that will hopefully be voting for them on Election Day.

While conservatives have criticized the plan as a "photo op," I personally believe it's a campaign technique that is almost unprecedented in modern politics and yet another great idea in what has been a fantastic grassroots campaign for the Kerry-Edwards campaign to take The White House in 2004.

I personally, like what John Kerry had to say at the first stop today:

Press Release from www.johnkerry.com

"I will be a President who talks with everyone – those who agree with me and those who don’t. I will be a President who truly is a uniter, not one who seeks to divide our nation by race, riches or any other label. I will be a President who shares the values of people of all colors who get up and go to work every day, try to raise their families in dignity and want to leave this world a better place for their children. I will be a President who when he is invited into your home, will always say yes.”

While I do think that last statement is a bit much, considering I'm not sure Kerry is going to accept an invitation to say, a home meeting of the NRA or Choose Life, I think Kerry has good things to say and great things he can accomplish, all of which he can spread across America through this "Front Porch Tour."

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