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      The key to happiness is a simple one, like most profound truths. and like most profound truths it's discovery was long and torturous. but we will skip that boring part and give you the key.

       The Key to Happiness is to reverse the order of importance of two common words in your life:

       Expectation and Consideration

      Lower your expectations and raise your considerations and you will be happy and you will cause happiness wherever you go. a small example: A couple goes to a party. they walk over to the buffet line. One turns to the other,"look at that, cheap domestic wine! and that caviar, it's not caviar it's bluegill roe! Oh my god, how awful!" (high expectations) The other walks up to the line and goes,"POTATO CHIPS! YES THEY GOT POTATO CHIPS! AND BEER THEY GOT BEER! WOHOO WE ARE LIVING NOW!" Who do you think is happier?

      By raising your considerations you create an environment of mutual happiness, yours and the people you come into contact with. Remember everyone causes smiles - some people cause smiles when they show up and others cause smiles when they leave.

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