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The Last Noo-Noo by Jill Murphy is one of the sweetest, funniest children's books I've come across. It tells the story of Marlon, a young monster, who loves sucking on his dummy, which he calls a noo-noo. His granny and his mother tell him that he's too old for it, and that he should give it up. He is teased by all the other monsters around him, who call him a mummy's boy. But Marlon is stubborn, and he'll only stop when he decides it's time.

The cover of the book shows Marlon, who is drawn as a cute, green, alligator-ish creature, giving a suspicious sidelong glance at anyone who would dare try and separate him from his noo-noo! The book is illustrated throughout with similar large, colourful, and above all, funny pictures.

Published in th UK by Walker Books, it won the Smarties Book Prize in 1995 for the best book for v0-5 year olds.

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