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2000 game for the Playstation game console, translated from a 1999 Japanese version. Developed and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. Standard fare console RPG, marked by startlingly sexist

One of the female characters had a move called Demon's Gate that involved her flying up off the screen and a couple drops of blood falling on the ground where she had been standing. The next shot was her spread-eagle in the air, where a black portal would open between her legs and damage every enemy the party was fighting
and stereotypical characters and powers,
The spiky-haired hero-witha-sword, the annoying young girl with a big weapon, the. . .um. . .half-wit Mohawk Indian, etc. . .
difficult and repetitive gameplay, and disturbing mistranslations

Gehrich: I. . . gladly accept your fist, master.
Haschel: Shut up. Talking makes you die.

Spans 4 CDs, involves dragons, an ancient race of people called Winglies (yes, they fly), and of course Dragoons, which are humans (read: your party) who are empowered by dragons.

While the game has one or two things in its favor, mainly a semi-interesting combat system that depends on the timing of specific button presses to do increasingly flashy and damaging combos, overall it's highly derivative and brings nothing much new to the table of 2nd Generation console RPGs.

Similar titles: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Wild ARMs, Grandia, ad nauseam

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