The Libertines are an excellent new four-piece from London who have been likened by some to The Clash. Indeed their debut album is to be produced by The Clash's legendary singer and guitarist, Mick Jones, who wrote much of his band's material with Joe Strummer. Their first album (suggested titles for which are 'Anyone For Tennis?' and 'The Rise and Fall of the Libertines' is set for release in early 2003 on Rough Trade. Songs on the album include: 1.Death on the stairs
2. Vertigo
3.Time For Heroes
4.Horror Show.

The band have already released a single, 'What A Waster' and have a double A side ('Up The Bracket'/ 'boys in the band') coming out on 30/9/2002.

Comparing his group to The Libertines, Jones said:

"They're a London rock 'n' roll group, which obviously appeals to me. They're very good lyrically too. They do remind me of the clash a little bit. There are the same elements you know."

The Libertines are a Rock 'n' Roll quartet (trio at the moment, read on to learn more) from London/England which formed somewhere at the end of the 90s (their interviews are rather weird, you can't really get any serious information out of them). The Libertines are:

Doherty and Barât being the songwriters and singers their sound ain't comparable with anything that came out in the last few years. The musical style can generally be described as Rock or Rock'n'Roll, the lyrics present them as funny-melody-sing-alongs ("I get along", "What a waster",..) as well as story-tellers ("The good old days", "Tell the king",.. (it's all about their ship, the Albion sailing for the country of Arcadia)) They were often characterized as being nostalgic: "Nostalgic about a time that has never been", they corrected. They have also been charged for or rather claimed consuming heroine, Doherty made a pause from the band in 2002, most probably because of a deprivation.

Update August 27, 2004: As it seems Doherty is the only one in the band who has severe problems with heroin, cocaine and crack (all of the three were mentioned in a newspost on the official Libertines-homepage). Since the release of their first album he was excluded from the band several times, they also funded three rehabilitation attempts for him. After they recorded their second album with Doherty in April and May 2004 his health problems escalated, leading to the decision to continue without him until he is cleaned up from his addictions (once again). He is now concentrating on his other band project, Babyshambles.

The album titled "The Libertines" was released on August 30, 2004. Tracklist below.

All their titles were so far published by Rough Trade Records:

Singles: The two different single editions are a special gimmick for collectors, the singles contain the same title track but two different B-sides (it seems like the Libertines are able to come up with more B-sides just like that).
They also "released" a whole collection of B-sides, named the Babyshambles, Sailor and Chicken shack sessions, which were released by a friend of the band on the Internet for free

Pete Doherty has also got another band project called Babyshambles and released a rather successful single together with Wolfe man in April 2004, "For Lovers".


What a waster (Single)

  1. What a waster
  2. I get along
  3. Mayday

Up the bracket (Single #1, green cover)

  1. Up the bracket
  2. Skag & bone man
  3. Boys in the band

Up the bracket (Single #2, normal (brown) cover)

  1. Up the bracket
  2. The Delaney
  3. Plan A

Up the bracket (Album)

  1. Vertigo
  2. Death on the stairs
  3. Horror show
  4. Time for heroes
  5. Boys in the band
  6. Radio America
  7. Up the bracket
  8. Tell the king
  9. The boy looked at Johnny
  10. Begging
  11. The good old days
  12. I get along

Time for heroes (Single #1, collage)

  1. Time for heroes
  2. General smuts (demo)
  3. Bangkok (demo)

Time for heroes (Single #2, portrait)

  1. Time for heroes
  2. Mr. Finnegan (demo)
  3. Sally Brown (demo)

Don't look back into the sun (Single #1, orange cover)

  1. Don't look back into the sun
  2. Death on the stairs (rerecorded)
  3. Tell the king

Don't look back into the sun (Single #2, yellow cover)

  1. Don't look back into the sun
  2. Skint and minted
  3. Mockingbird (demo)

I get along (Single, US only)

  1. I get along
  2. Don't look back into the sun
  3. The Delaney
  4. Mayday
  5. Skag & bone man

Can't stand me now (Single #1)

  1. Can't stand me now
  2. Cyclops
  3. Dilly boys
  4. Can't stand me now (video)

Can't stand me now (Single #2)

  1. Can't stand me now
  2. Never never

The Libertines (album)

  1. Can't stand me now
  2. Last post on the Bugle
  3. Don't be shy
  4. The man who would be king
  5. Music when the lights go out
  6. Narcissist
  7. The Ha Ha wall
  8. Arbeit macht frei
  9. Campaign of hate
  10. What Katie did
  11. Tomblands
  12. The Saga
  13. Road to ruin
  14. What became of the likely lads

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