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Proof that the best things come in small packages, This tiny book by Susan Jeffers "Offers practical advice and thought provoking tips on how to transform your fears into confidence, energy - and love"

This 160 page, palm sized book has a small thought or piece of advice on each page. Examples of these are:

Risk Rocking the Boat: When you choose to remain "stuck" because you do not want to upset your partner, you become resentful. Ultimately the relationship suffers and the boat rocks anyway!

Choosing is Powerful: The words "I can't" imply that you are helpless, whereas "I choose not to" implies confidence and strength

A lot of fun to read and small enough to carry with you in a rucksack, briefcase or handbag, I can really recommend this book. Just reading it a couple of times can make you feel better about yourself - and that's what really matters

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