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A comic novel by Kathy Lette, published in 1992, set in Hollywood. Katrina is an Australian girl who wins a competition giving her a small part in a sitcom called DINKS. The producer, the repulsive Abe, thinks she would be ideal to cash in on the fashion for Crocodile Dundee.

Her Aussie mates make her sign a Dickhead Clause. If she ever wore sunglasses indoors, or said "power lunch" or "run it past me", she was officially a dickhead and had to come home.

Katrina is plunged into the intense bitching of the cast and the bizarre lifestyle of Los Angeles. She falls for the weak, selfish star of the show, Pierce Scanlen, and makes friends with the rather unorthodox Natasha. The novel opens with Kat assisting Tash in a bit of bondage and discipline on a studio executive. Then they try to work out how to dispose of the corpse.

The llama reference is to a craze several years before of keeping llamas as pets; when they became unfashionable they were dumped: like stars of DINKS.

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