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Episode One of The Lone Gunmen, titled "Pilot" had the climax of a civilian passenger jet being on a crash course into into the World Trade Center. Blowing Nostradamus's vague rhymes out of the water, it was the guys at Fox who had the most eerily similar prediction of what did occur.

"Pilot" was filmed from March to April 2000, and first aired on April 3rd 2001, a mere five months before some real terrorists hijacked four planes with even more evil intentions. Unlike the episode where the plane had had its pilot computer guidance systems hacked to fly into the WTC, the real terrorists used suicide hijackers as pilots, and knocked out both towers.

It's probably nonsense to think so, but those 9/11 hijackers were living in America when The Lone Gunmen first screened, and I know that the authorities are saying 9/11 probably took years to plan - well all I'm saying is I'm getting sick of these endless 9/11 coincidences.

Another difference between the episode and the reality was, the happy ending.

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