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The Lunar Embassy is a corporation claiming to be the only body with legal entitlements to Lunar real estate.

The man behind this wacko venture is one Mr. Dennis M. Hope, who filed for ownership of the moon in 1980.

A loophole in the 1967 U.N. Outer Space Treaty is how Hope claims his legal ownership of our sole satellite, as well as eight other planets in our solar system and their respective moons. The treaty states that no government will be permitted to own extraterrestrial property, yet fails to deny individuals or corporations of ownership. Hope sent notification of his claim to various government and military bodies including the United Nations and the Russian governments, and his claim has so far remained uncontested.

However, experts in the legal issues surrounding space dismiss Hope's claim as fraudulent, citing that the treaty essentially bans all nations, and subsequently all people within those nations from owning any part of space.

Frans Von Der Dunk, co-director of the International Institute for Air and Space Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands said:

"space was to remain just like the high seas, free for use by all."

However, Hope is soldiering on with his venture and has so far sold "properties" to over 300,000 people for roughly $27 a pop.

Do the math yourself.

Prime Lunar properties, as well as none-too-shabby locations on Mars and Venus are all available through the Lunar Embassy website @ www.lunarembassy.com

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