1960 movie starring:

  1. Yul Brynner as Chris Adams (the bald one in black)
  2. Steve McQueen as Vin (the laconic one who rides shotgun on the hearse at the beginning)
  3. Horst Buchholz as Chico (the young, eager one who needs an ass-kicking)
  4. Robert Vaughn as Lee (the sharp-dressed one who's on the run)
  5. James Coburn as Britt (the one with the knife)
  6. Charles Bronson as Bernardo O'Reilly (the half-Mexican one who is "adopted" by three village boys)
  7. Brad Dexter as Harry Luck (the greedy one)

...and Eli Wallach as Calvera, the bandit chief.

An adaptation of The Seven Samurai set in the old West, it tells of a poor Mexican village's attempt to drive away a group of bandit raiders by hiring seven gunslingers to defend them. The movie examines the themes of honor, courage and duty. A classic Western and a great guy movie.

"Solving your problems isn't our business. We deal in lead, friend."

The Magnificent Seven was a television series adapted from the 1960 movie of the same name. Produced by MGM Studios, Mirisch Group, and by Trilogy Entertainment, the show aired sporatically between January, 1998 and June, 1999. The CBS network aired the two hour pilot and first eight episodes before cancelling the show. A grass-roots campaign brought the show back for a second season, but only eight (including one two part episode) of the intended thirteen episodes ever aired in the United States before it was once again canceled. The Nashville Network (TNN) is now airing reruns of the all the episodes, including those that never aired originally. The pilot episode has been released on video.

The pilot of The Magnificent Seven resembles the plot of the original 1960 movie. Seven strangers band together to protect a Seminole Village from the "Ghosts of the Confederacy", a renegade confederate army regiment lead by a disillusioned colonel. Each of these men has a unique trait or talent that reinforces the ties that bind them together as a group. In the first one hour episode the men are hired to protect the town of Four Corners from the forces that would seek to terriorize the local citizenry.

Main Characters:

Chris Larabee - Leader, portrayed by Michael Biehn
Vin Tanner - Sharpshooter, portrayed by Eric Close
Buck Wilmington - Scoundrel, portrayed by Dale Midkiff
Ezra Standish - Con Artist/Gambler, portrayed by Anthony Starke
Josiah Sanchez - Preacher, portrayed by Ron Perlman
Nathan Jackson - Healer, portrayed by Rick Worthy
J.D. Dunne - Kid, portrayed by Andrew Kavovit
Mary Travis - Widow/Town leader, portrayed by Laurie Holden

Supporting Characters:

Orrin W. Travis - Territorial Judge, portrayed by Robert Vaughn
Maude Standish - Con Artist, portrayed by Michelle Phillips
Casey Wells - Local resident, portrayed by Dana Barron

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