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Ann's husband died about 20 years ago. He was 54 when ALS was diagnosed. Ann took care of him for as long as she could. Later, she collected a lot of insurance. He was an insurance salesman.

Now she was 70, sitting on a bench in a shopping mall, watching her grandchildren ride the merry-go-round.

A stranger walked up and asked, "May I share this bench with you?". Ann said, "Yes".

She noticed the man had a bright yellow Frederick's of Hollywood bag in his lap.

He noticed her looking at his yellow bag, opened it, and said, "I just got some hand moisturizer, see? It makes my hands soft." Ann said, "Oh. OK."

He said, "My hands are soft, feel them". He extended a hand toward Ann. She touched his hand. It was soft, and warm.

The man said, "I must go now. I would like to see you again. Will you accept my invitation to dance, and have dinner?"

Ann reached in her purse and said, "Yes, OK, here's my card. Call me."

He called a few days later and made the date. He picked her up. They went to a restaurant, danced and had dinner.

Ann told me he was a good dancer-- that she had some fun, and enjoyed the dinner. She said he was a nice man. After dinner, he asked if she would go back to his place, and she said, "No, not tonight".

He took her home and, at her doorstep, they kissed, on the cheek.

Ann had made plans for a Caribbean cruise, and left the next day.

Upon her return there were many messages, from the man, on her answering machine.

The last message said excitedly, "I'm engaged, will you come to my wedding?"

Ann laughed-- She told me she knew George was in a hurry. She dressed up for his wedding.

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